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Êtes-vous prêt à rejoindre la princesse de la jungle dans sa dernière aventure? Il y a une énorme quantité de bijoux qu’elle essaie de lier ensemble dans ce jeu de puzzle de match 3 génial. Partez à la découverte de son royaume pendant qu’elle brise les sceaux des bijoux et utilise de nombreux boosters puissants.

  • Discover Ancient Rome
    Discover Ancient Rome Discover Ancient Rome in 17 levels in […]
  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Cookie Monster as Pacman. Eat all the pink […]
  • Physic Puzzle – Hide Caesar
    Physic Puzzle – Hide Caesar Play one of the best […]
  • Dak Dak Buffet
    Dak Dak Buffet Dak dak, a food lover rabbit, is […]
  • Dungeon Adventure
    Dungeon Adventure Play as the mystical Wizard Merlin and scour […]
  • Hyper Gunner
    Hyper Gunner You want to get back to earth but […]
  • Spy Chase
    Spy Chase Race through multiple full colour terrains in your […]
  • Wizard Wars
    Wizard Wars Duel wizards and enchanted monsters in the depths […]
  • Puzzletag
    Puzzletag Tune your brains! Solve exciting puzzles and compete for […]
  • Get Those Sheep
    Get Those Sheep As a shepherd, you need to take […]
  • Save PAPA
    Save PAPA Save PAPA is a Physics-based puzzle game. You […]
  • Berry Bug
    Berry Bug Bob the adorable bug dreamed of delicious strawberries […]
  • Lava Sword
    Lava Sword Defeat foul foes in this side-scrolling arcade action […]
  • Onslaught Defense
    Onslaught Defense Wield powerful weapons to defend your castle against […]
  • Droplets
    Droplets Take control of the droplets and fall through 5 […]
  • Cooking
    Cooking Create your own tasty marble cheesecakes! Use all kind […]
  • Aquador
    Aquador Help Fubby the fish to collect as many sea-stars […]
  • Train Tycoon
    Train Tycoon Command your own train empire! Solve tricky puzzles […]
  • Stone Age Rescue
    Stone Age Rescue Oh no, the scary Alzuhu kidnapped the […]
  • Sudoku
    Sudoku Are you smart enough to solve the toughest Sudokus? […]
  • Puzzle Bobo
    Puzzle Bobo Classic arcade action at it’s best! Strike down […]
  • Animals & Colors
    Animals & Colors Animals and Colors is a charming free […]
  • Zombie Apocalypse
    Zombie Apocalypse Brains! The Zombie crowd is attacking you in […]
  • Lost
    Lost Try out the new Action and Adventure online mobile […]
  • Ninjas Assault
    Ninjas Assault Blood-thrity ninjas are on their way to attack […]
  • Shuriken Block
    Shuriken Block Evil ninjas attack the monastry and the peaceful […]
  • Cute Memo
    Cute Memo Train your brain with the cutest Memory game […]
  • Noxnebula
    Noxnebula Get into space ship and take care of the […]
  • Soko Toko
    Soko Toko Move all blocks to the fields that hold […]
  • Blue Box 2
    Blue Box 2 Connect two blue blocks together to move […]
  • Flick 2 Dunk
    Flick 2 Dunk Use your finger to throw the ball […]
  • Freebird
    Freebird Free the bird in this cool online mobile game! […]
  • Girls on Job
    Girls on Job Dress the girls concerning to their jobs! […]
  • I eat Donuts
    I eat Donuts Fall your way through the sky and […]
  • Merry Township
    Merry Township Find the displayed items and click on them […]
  • Jewel Hunt
    Jewel Hunt Jewel Hunt brings the diamond rush on your […]
  • Toypicker
    Toypicker Toy Picker is like being at the funfair! You […]
  • Neon Checkers
    Neon Checkers Play checkers in a brand new neon design!Welcome […]
  • Santas Helpers
    Santas Helpers It’s christmas time and you need to help […]
  • Solitaire 13
    Solitaire 13 This classic solitaire modifictation brings the game to […]
  • Tic Tac Toe
    Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe is back! Known as […]
  • Up
    Up Did you always want to see the world but […]
  • Alien Bio Lab
    Alien Bio Lab Help Flubby to create new and rare […]
  • Steal
    Steal You are a thief and the best at it […]
  • Nutmeg
    Nutmeg The evil master kidnapped all of your friends! Run […]
  • Starbound
    Starbound Jumping fun for your mobile! Jump from cloud to […]
  • Fruity Pops
    Fruity Pops Match 3 or more fruits to let them […]
  • Bug Match
    Bug Match A new type of Match-3 game to break […]
  • Candy Craze
    Candy Craze Provide all children with delicious candy! Play this […]
  • Cave Rush
    Cave Rush Help Juro run back safe to his friends […]
  • Gridlock
    Gridlock Exiting brain teaser! Try to solve challenging puzzle in […]
  • Rabid Rabbits
    Rabid Rabbits Rabbit shooter for your mobile! Shoot as many […]
  • Space Time
    Space Time Click on 2 or more bricks to let […]
  • Broadside
    Broadside Fight epic space battles in this free online game! […]
  • Dragon Dash
    Dragon Dash Help Drake the Dragon to find his way […]
  • Happy Pachinko
    Happy Pachinko Hit all numbers to get the highscore! Shoot […]
  • Pixel Runner
    Pixel Runner Retro platform jumper! Help Tony to escape and […]
  • Rhino Rink
    Rhino Rink Cute rhino puzzle board game for your mobile! […]
  • Word Drop
    Word Drop Play WorDrop now for free and train your […]
  • Monster cleaner
    Monster cleaner Flip the monster into the pipe! In this […]
  • Black and white snake
    Black and white snake Snake Deluxe for your mobile! Wiggle […]
  • Butterfly bash
    Butterfly bash Turn crawlers into beautiful butterflies! Click on single […]
  • Airport
    Airport Are you into air traffic control? While in reality […]
  • Archer
    Archer Have you ever fancied being a ranger like those […]
  • Asteroid Blast
    Asteroid Blast The apocalypse has begun! Defend the earth from […]
  • Blackjack
    Blackjack The age old classic, Blackjack is now available to […]
  • Cave Dweller
    Cave Dweller Help Hogur to make his way through caves. […]
  • Extreme Atoms
    Extreme Atoms Train your brain! Connect the atoms correctly to […]
  • Find it
    Find it Test your reflexes and train your eye-hand coordination! […]
  • Goblin Flying Machine
    Goblin Flying Machine Take Gizmo the Goblin and his machine […]
  • Nut Rush
    Nut Rush Help the cute squirrel to get the most […]
  • Red Riding Hood Run
    Red Riding Hood Run Red Riding is on her way […]
  • Pumpkin Smasher
    Pumpkin Smasher Pumpkin cutter action for your mobile device! Cut […]
  • Plapla
    Plapla The Eater of Worlds has come to engulf the […]
  • Scary Pinball
    Scary Pinball Spooky Halloween! Play this awesome classic arcade game […]
  • From Paris with Love
    From Paris with Love Cute dressing game! Dress your french […]
  • Batte Fish
    Batte Fish Have you ever wondered what it would be […]
  • Flipping Jellies
    Flipping Jellies Flip Jellies to turn them all into the […]
  • Bubble Meadow
    Bubble Meadow Proof your aiming skills in this brand new […]
  • Sir Henrys Picture Shift
    Sir Henrys Picture Shift Puzzle fun for every one! Can […]
  • Happy Pairs
    Happy Pairs Train your brain in an entertaining manner: Connect […]
  • Collect The Gift
    Collect The Gift This is the perfect christmas game. Put […]
  • Jelly Collapse
    Jelly Collapse Tap jelly buttons of similar color to remove […]
  • Winter is coming
    Winter is coming Winter is coming so fast! Help the […]
  • Captain Rogers Defense
    Captain Rogers Defense Defend your headquarters agains rockets ships and […]
  • Vanilla Pinball
    Vanilla Pinball This is a classic pinball game, but twice […]
  • Boxed
    Boxed Try to solve the interesting puzzles that Boxed has […]
  • Zombie Getaway
    Zombie Getaway Escape the Zombies! Run fast, react quickly, avoid […]
  • Cannons and Soldiers
    Cannons and Soldiers Aim and shoot! Use the canon to […]
  • Pop Pop Rush
    Pop Pop Rush Pop balloons in a way you never […]
  • Mine Rescue
    Mine Rescue Rescue you friends from the cave collapse! Open […]
  • Feed the Figures
    Feed the Figures Feed the figures to make them green […]
  • Zoo Buffet
    Zoo Buffet Feed your pets and make them level up […]
  • Magic Bunnies
    Magic Bunnies Magic Bunnies unites two concepts that seem totally […]
  • Diving Kitties
    Diving Kitties Play as a pair cats as you dive […]
  • Zombies Can’t Jump
    Zombies Can’t Jump Beware, the zombie apocalypse did finally come. […]
  • Blackjack Vegas
    Blackjack Vegas Play Blackjack the classic Casino game for free. […]
  • Loot the King
    Loot the King The legend of Robin Hood has inspired […]
  • Park
    Park Have fun dressing up your characters in this fun […]
  • Makeup
    Makeup Help you avatar choose her makeup and take a […]